We Are Not Done Yet

Treks through terraced rice fields and bracelet making with sweet Hmong women. Hundreds of monks walking in the peace of the early morning for Alms collection and a boat trip up the Mekong River through Laos. Meditation retreats, street food and the best damn fruit smoothies in Chiang Mai and possibly on the planet; these are just a few of the images that flood my brain when I think back over the last two months of travel through South East Asia.

Then, to sweeten our time in Thailand, we got to spend two weeks with Jacob’s Uncle Todd and Aunt Sherry in Chiang Mai and Phuket. Monk chats, Cooking class, elephant baths and countryside tours. Monsoons, Khao Soi, beaching and canoes; these are some of the experiences we got to share with two of our favorite people that we also get to call family.

I have so many stories to tell and have fallen very far behind in my posts. For those of you who are not following us on Facebook or Instagram, I thought I had better throw out a message to let you know we are alive and well and now into the last few months of our journey. Right now as I write this we are in Ipoh, the capital city of Perak in the country of Malaysia. Malaysia was a place we were told by multiple people and one stranger in Bangkok that we must see and I am so grateful we listened. We get three more days to explore this country before moving on to Singapore and then finally Bali for my birthday on August 30th. Two weeks in Ubud, Bali is just the gift we all need to rest and gear up for our trek in Australia and New Zealand.

This year has gone so incredibly fast and I can hardly believe all that we have seen and experienced. Thank you all for following our journey, reading our stories and sending us love both through spoken words and unspoken good wishes over the last 10 months.  We are not done yet and are excited for whatever this wonderful life brings us next.

I have many half written posts to finish so stay tuned. In the meantime here is my song quote for the day in honor of my sweet soul-sista Carrie Ann Nelson who just celebrated her birthday. I am continuously inspired by her and am grateful for our 29 years of friendship!

“The sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah. Make you want to move your dancin’ feet”
~Bob Marley

5 thoughts on “We Are Not Done Yet

  1. My, good ness, Amy. It just gets better and better. The writing, the itenarary, the spirit. Thank you for taking us along through your snippets, reflections and essays. Cheers to your last months and hugs until you get home.

  2. Thank you for updating. When I looked at the photo for this post, Jacob reminded me of a shepherd, who is tending very well to his flock. Save travels – and Happy Birthday in advance!

  3. I am enjoying every snipit of my travels with and through you. You have wonderful gifts of description. Happy Birthday to all! Uncle Randy

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