baby monkey in a red hammock being cared for by a volunteer

Having Fun in Costa Rica

I have been in Costa Rica for two weeks.  The only thing I don’t like is it’s really hot and humid.  There are lots of cool things to see and do.  One day, I went to my friends house to have pancakes. I met her when I

thousands of leaf cutter ants carrying pieces of cut leaves down a tree
Leaf cutter ants hard at work disassembling a tree near our cabina

went to the butterfly garden.  Her name is Ana.  On the way to her house I got bit and looked up and saw a lot of leaf-cutter ants on the tree carrying leaves.  Then I saw a whole line of ants that looked like millions and billions of ants. They were taking the leaves to their home.

We also saw some big crickets.  The first one was when we went to the mariposiro/butterfly garden.  It’s right by our cabina.  We went at dusk.  We

praying mantis on chair
A helper to get rid of the bad bugs.

went at dusk because the tree frogs and toads come out to eat bugs. The cricket was as big as my hand.  It was on a stem eating bugs.  There are also these annoying black wasps that fly around our cabina.  They are really creepy.  They fly around mommy and it makes her mad.  I also don’t like them. One time daddy used a broom to get them away, by waiting and then when they flew towards him, he would try to hit them.

I have also seen a lot of animals.  There are these lizards that run by our house on their back legs.  I saw a

brown lizard carrying another lizard on it’s back.  The lizard had a blue tail and orange spots on it’s back.  I have seen small lizards and big lizards.  I even saw a green one with a hump on its head.  A week ago I saw two woodpeckers fighting in the trees and they almost fell on my head.  They were red-headed with white tail feathers and a funny shaped body.  There are some Howler Monkeys that used to live by our cabina.  They wake me up at 4:30am.

We had lots of fun in Costa Rica.  I love how when I open the door I see the jungle.  When the birds sing in the morning, it makes me feel ready to start the day.

Lizard on a leaf near the ground
Our neighborhood lizard